Room with a View: The 20 Best Untours Apartment Views

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At Untours we’re big believers in slow travel. What is slow travel? It’s slowing down, staying among the locals, spending more than just a few days (maybe even a few weeks), and immersing yourself in the local culture and ways.

With travel becoming more accessible to more people than ever before, traveling to small European towns or historically more isolated villages, is easier than ever. Now that travelers have more choices than ever before, it’s time to make the right choices. That’s why at Untours we hand pick each individual property we rent.

One of the criteria we try to meet in most of our properties? Phenomenal views. Part of slow travel is sitting down with a glass of tea or coffee (or maybe a local wine) and observing the local town below. This is made easier when you have a great view as the backdrop. To show you what we mean we’ve collected our favorite Untours apartment views out of the hundreds of properties we’ve hand picked. So sit back, enjoy a cup of your choice beverage, and take in these outstanding views. 


1. The Dimitri Apartment in Nafplio Greece

This apartment has two small balconies overlooking St. George Square and views of Nafplio’s famous princial fortress, the Palamidi. Being set right in the heart of Greece’s wine region makes getting a glass of local wine easy to sip away on one of your private balconies. 


2. The Bonalumi Upper Apartment in Locarno, Switzerland

Being on the third floor in Europe often means climbing all the way up each day, but this apartment comes with an elevator, so getting to this private balcony is easy for all. This apartment is an 8-minute walk from the open-air markets and arcaded shopping in the Piazza Grande allowing for leisurely trips to pick up dinner or post-dinner treats, then enjoying them on the balcony above.


3. The Jade Apartment in Amalfi Coast

Imagine waking up each morning in an Italian queen-sized bed to a window overlooking the sea. Even though the Jade apartment has air conditioning (which is rarer in Europe than in the United States), step outside to the pleasant breeze coming off the sea and enjoy this private Untours balcony. 


4. The Green View Cottage in Kenmare, Ireland

Outside your luxury Irish cottage is a lovely patio where you can relax in the cool Irish breeze after a long day of sightseeing. Fancy a round of golf? It’s literally in your backyard. 


5. The Bolli Apartment in Hunibach, Switzerland

Yes, those are the Alps outside your front door. The Bolli apartment is situated on the hillside of the charming town of Hunibach on the north shore of the beautiful Lake Thun. The apartment has a large balcony that overlooks the entire town, lake and of course, the Alps. 


6. The Panorama Apartment in Venice, Italy 

In Venice it’s easy to book an apartment or hotel in the middle of the tourist stretches filled with cheap souviners, mostly visitors and hotels. What about living like a local in Venice? The Panorama apartment puts you in the heart of a real Venetian neighborhood, with views of La Giudecca Canal you just can’t find on the main tourist stretches. 


7. The Rettenbacher Apartment in Kuchl, Austria

After a wonderful afternoon biking around the charming town of Kuchl (a 30-minute train ride from Salzburg), end the day on your apartment balcony taking in the alpine scenery. Use the table and chairs to sit and plan day trips to the easily accessible Munich, Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz. 


8. The Piazza Apartment in Montalcino, Italy

It doesn’t get much more central than this apartment, which looks out onto Piazza del Popolo, and has a private balcony boasting this view. Situated right on Montalcino’s main square, Tuscany is literally outside your front door, but you may not want to leave this balcony to go see it! 


9. The Charlotte Apartment in London, England

Located in one of the most locally sought-after neighborhoods in London, this apartment is set on a quiet street in Fitzrovia. Private outside space in London is a rarity to say the least, so having a balcony, let alone one this size, is a true luxury. 

10. The Gasser-Ettlin Apartment in Lungern, Switzerland 

Imagine this view outside your window of the town’s impressive church and the high Alps to the west. Sorry, this isn’t a storybook, this is your actual home-away-from-home in the pretty village of Lungern. 


11. The Ruby Apartment on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Typical Mediterranean white-washed walls and green accents lead you to this huge, private balcony outside your Amalfi Coast home. Watch the boats come in and out of the harbor during the day, and see couples walk the Atrani beach in the evening, all from the comfort of your own look-out point. 


12. The Wolters Apartment in St. Goar, Germany

Located on the hill overlooking St. Goar, the Wolters apartment has this gorgeous view of the river and a beautiful garden below to relax in after a long day of sightseeing. The garden only adds to the lush green surroundings in St. Goar where you can relax next to a water lilly pond on a bench simply made for journaling. 


13. The Tigli Farmhouse in Spoleto, Italy

This may not be a view from the Untours property, but it is a view of the beautiful Tigli Farmhouse. Situated in the heart of Umbria, you can sit out next to the large pool and enjoy the view of the surrounding hills and the lovely hill town of Trevi. 


14. The Julie Apartment in Sommersdorf, Germany

Did you know you can stay in an acutal castle on an Untour? If that’s too royal for you, the Manor House (where the Julie apartment is) was built in 1750, but has been beautifully restored with modern amenities a few years ago. The apartment is equipped with large windows letting in lots of light and great views of the castle. 


15. The Paradiesli Apartment in Lungern, Switzerland

Literally translating to Little Paradise, the Paradiesli apartment is in the charming village of Lungern. With views like this the locals have been known to covet this apartment for its beautiful hardwood floors, furnished terrace, and clear views of the lake below and the Alps to the west. 


16. Le Chiuse Apartments in Montalcino, Italy

Set on the Le Chiuse farm and vineyard, Le Chiuse apartments not only boast this view, but are surrounded by vineyards and the rolling hills of Tuscany. Equipped with a swimming pool, bocce court, ping pong table, picnic tables under vineyard trees, and bikes for guests to rent for free, this is the ultimate family vacation pad. (Oh and did we mention that you can use the old pizza and bread oven?)


17. The Cedro Apartment in Rome, Italy

This cozy, ground floor apartment is located in the heart of the bustling Trastevere neighbothood, on a quiet, secluded street. Right outside your front door, walk into Rome like a Roman, instead of out revolving doors onto a tourist hub. Enjoy the city like a local.


18. The Bay View House in Kenmare, Ireland

Right outside this luxurious Irish home are awe-inspiring views of Kenmare Bay, the Ring of Kerry and Dinish Island. Suited for up to six people this modern, clean house has classic, historical views. 


19. The Posada Real Apartment in Priego De Cordoba, Spain

Situated in the heart of the oldest and most beautiful section of Priego, Posada Real is walking distance to the town’s best restaurants and shops. You can sit on the ground floor patio and watch the thousands of pink flowers on window sills, neighboring patios, and doors move in the Spanish breeze. 


20. The Coppia Apartment in Montalcino, Italy

Imagine this view, overlooking a family vineyard where you can purchase the family’s own Brunello made just outside these walls. Although this studio apartment can only host 1-2 people, the entire vineyard estate, hosted by a retired schoolteacher, has additional apartments that can host up to 8 people for a family vacation never to forget. 

Want to explore these views yourself? We don’t blame you. Check out all our apartment vacation packages here


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