Scotland's Dramatic Landscapes, Captured by Photographer Glen McClure

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When we first announced our new Scotland Untour, we were inundated by emails from new and seasoned Untourists expressing their enthusiasm for our choice and their love of Scotland.
One of my favorite emails came from one of my favorite clients, Glen McClure. Regular readers of our blog know Glen as an amazing photographer and have enjoyed reading about his travels in France and Italy with Untours. 
His portraits of local people, many shot on Untours, provide a vivid window into the soul of the countries and cultures he visits. And his landscape photography elevates pretty views to something transcendent. 
On news of of the Scotland Untour, Glen shared these photos with us, photos taken in his extensive travels all over Scotland.




Learn more about Glen McClure photography here. (Beyond travel, his roller derby portraits are among my favorites!)

And capture your own views of the lochs and glens of Scotland on an Untour.

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