St. Goar, in the Heart of the Middle Rhine

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St. Goar and the Middle Rhine

Anyone who has taken a Rhine River cruise has drifted through the picturesque base of our German Rhine Untour. Our home villages are set among the castle-studded Middle Rhine, one of the most memorable parts of the route.

You will pass one of our favorite Untours hometowns, a fairy tale-looking village on the river that may make you wish you could explore it, or even stay a while.

St. Goar, German Rhine

St. Goar was historically the home of river pilots. Until the Rhine was dredged, these pilots boarded ships here to navigate the treacherous Loreley Pass just to the south. Special weather vanes still mark the houses of these river captains.

The town’s Catholic Parish Church was reconstructed at the end of the 19th century in new gothic style, and it houses an art treasure: an altar picture which belongs to the most valuable works of central Rhine painting around 1480, considered to be a masterpiece of the late gothic period.

St. Goar, German Rhine

Aside from its proximity to the Loreley cliff, St. Goar is also the home of Burg Rheinfels, a castle ruin high above the town and once the mightiest fortress on the Rhine. This outstanding example of early medieval fortress architecture laid down standards at the time for all building operations within the German empire.

Built in 1245 by count Dieter V von Katzenelnbogen as a base for his toll-collecting operations, its size and labyrinthine layout is truly astonishing. Visitors enjoy exploring the castle’s subterranean tunnels and galleries.

In St. Goar you can enjoy Christmas shopping year-round on the second floor of Stefan’s Christmas Paradise across from the ferry. You can also sample local wines there, at Stefan’s Wine Paradise. The region’s delicious wines are available for sale and tasting at various restaurants and shops in town.

St. Goar, German Rhine

The German Doll & Bear Museum Loreley is another local treasure, as unique as it is precious. The collection includes 3000 dolls, bears, and playthings from various epochs. It offers a more intimate glimpse into the sweet history of this storybook village.

Consider staying a while in St. Goar or another of the beautiful riverside villages, and plan a German Rhine Untour.


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