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Here is some Swiss travel news from the desk of Cathrin Baumbach, who just returned from a work trip to Switzerland and the 2015 Swiss Travel Mart (an international meeting of Switzerland travel professionals) in Zermatt. Read these up-to-the-minute updates of all things Swiss.
The Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel, is to open in December 2016 after 20 years of construction. Another marvel of Swiss engineering, the 35-mile set of tunnels will shorten travel time from the Zurich Airport to Ticino and on to Milan. The main purpose of the tunnel is to shift freight volumes from road to rail to reduce fatal accidents and environmental damage caused by ever-increasing numbers of heavy trucks. Trains will still operate on the longer scenic route for those wanting to enjoy the views.
The lift from Lungern to Schönbühl, which was closed for a number of years, is scheduled to reopen in May of 2016. It will get you up to the starting point for many mountain walks and hikes, the most well known being the three-canton hike from Schönbüel station to the Brienzer Rothorn (or vice versa). Stay tuned for updates.
The Swiss Travel Pass will be valid as far as Schynige Platte in 2016. Fans love the spectacular views of Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, the great hiking trails and the unique Alpine Garden, which has over 600 alpine plants on display. Click here for details. 
The FIFA World Football Museum, the first of its kind, is scheduled to open in downtown Zurich in early 2016. Soccer aficionados take note! Check out details here.
The Kambly Experience in Trübschachen (in the idyllic Emmental Valley) is not new, but it is not well known. It’s a family-friendly favorite. Kambly, Switzerland’s top-selling cookie brand, invites you to taste over 100 varieties of cookies and learn how they are made. You can catch the Kambly train from Lucerne or Bern several times a day, and on Wednesday afternoons and Sundays the tasting starts on the train. Best of all, it’s completely free. Check out the details here.
For more insider information on Switzerland, sign up for Swiss travel tips here. And stay in the heart of the culture on a Swiss Untour.

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