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Breaking World News: American Investors Make Bid for Leaning Tower of Pisa

on Wed, 04/01/2015 - 09:08
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tuscany Untour

Citing the extremely favorable exchange rate, American investors have submitted a bid to buy Italy's iconic leaning tower.

At an exchange rate of $1.07 to the euro, the dollar is stronger than it has been in Europe in over 10 years. Five investment bankers in New York cited this fact and concerns about preserving the iconic monument when they submit their bid Friday to buy Pisa's famed Leaning Tower.
Pisa is an important commercial center,” said Antonello Admonti, the lead investor on the project. He is a 2nd generation Italian-American who says he is proud of his heritage.
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Our Favorite Places

on Mon, 03/16/2015 - 12:41
Sonia on the Barcelona Untour

I feel lucky to work with a small but dedicated crew of globalists. Our staff is worldly, broad minded, and very well traveled. They've elevated my thinking, stoked my curiosity about new parts of the globe, and helped me grow into a citizen of the world. I recently asked them a simple question: What's your favorite Untour? Some of their answers surprised me. Below, read their responses, and my own two-part answer to what I actually found to be a very tough question.


Sonia (Specialist, France, Spain, the Americas): Since I haven't actually "done" any of our French Untours (I was there in

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Best of Tuscany: Making Wine and Friends on Anna's Farm

on Thu, 02/05/2015 - 09:14
Anna with her guests, Tuscany Untour

Tuscany is one of our most loved and most popular Untours for many reasons. While the scenery, the food and wine, the art and architecture, and the natural beauty all account for its special spot in our hearts, it is the people of Tuscany that make the most lasting impression. And one of my favorite people in Tuscany is Anna Ginotti, the owner of one of our host farms, where guests stay in her cozy renovated farmhouse apartments.

Anna is a people person as much as a wine person and enjoys her guests' enthusiasm about winemaking. "My guests very often ask about wine," she says. "They like to go along with us into the vineyards to walk and to see them during the different periods of the year. Very often during harvest, many guests come with us into the vineyard to cut grapes, and they are very happy!"

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Top 10 Rome: Where to Begin in the Eternal City

on Mon, 02/02/2015 - 12:00
Bernini sculptures throughout Rome

You could spend a lifetime in Rome and just scratch the surface. Rome is a generous city, bustling with sights and offering something for everyone, from fashion and contemporary art to some of western civilization's most important antiquities, grand baroque churches to quaint cobbled neighborhoods and cozy trattorie. There are so many ways to do Rome, and so many things to see.

If you are just starting out, here are some of our favorite spots.

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Top 10 Florence: The sites you can't miss, including a couple you've never heard of...

on Mon, 01/12/2015 - 09:50
Ponte Vecchio, Florence Untour
If you are planning to visit Florence, we urge you to follow the paths of the Rennaissance artists who built and adorned this magnificent city. You’ll find a lifetime of art and architecture to experience. This is a list of the things you must see first, but please don't stop here! You could spend a lifetime walking the stones of Florence
1. The Bargello sculpture museum is a must. Read The Agony and the Ecstasy before you head to Florence, and you will love it even more.
2. Visit the Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria Carmine to see the master frescoes of Masaccio. (Reservations
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Tuscan Fun for Kids: 16 Super Cool Things to See and Do

on Wed, 12/03/2014 - 10:09
A pool in Tuscany, the Tuscan Untour

Our Tuscan Untour is a top destination for families, and for good reason. Here are 16 activities we are sure the kids and adults in your family will love.

1. Buonconvento: Visit the playground in town, where you may even meet local kids in the afternoons. Take a short local train trip in the country to look at the sheep. Take a swim in the public pool in town.

2. Montalcino: Rent bikes in town. Eat gelato. Climb the tower in the old town fortress. Locate the different town quarters and their banners...

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Helvi & Vincent Larson, Untourists of the Week: 'Returning to Tuscany was like going home.'

on Tue, 10/21/2014 - 11:49
The Larsons on their second Tuscany Untour

Returning to Tuscany for the third time was truly like going home. It was even more meaningful to be able to share our favorites with Stan and Jean: Pienza, Montepulciano, Siena, Montalcino, Assisi, the beach at Castiglione della Pescaia, restaurants like Da Mario and I Poggioli, even Harriet our wonderful Untours on-site rep. We even had time to discover new places, like the Chianti region, especially Panzano and its famous butcher, Dario Cecchini.

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Kathy Raines, Untourist of the Week: Alsace + Tuscany

on Tue, 08/26/2014 - 10:16

Feeling like a local, freedom to travel like you want, even if you get lost! I also love the onsite support and that Untours helps make sure that you have everything that you need.

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Sandee and Mike Lawless, Untourists of the Week: 3 "best" Untour memories

on Tue, 07/15/2014 - 09:13
Sandee and Mike Lawless, Untourists of the Week

The greatest difference between an Untour trip and other ways of traveling is experiencing the country more as a resident than as a tourist. We love shopping in the markets and bakeries just as local residents do. We love being immersed in a smaller village for the richness it provides in understanding the culture and everyday life of the host country.

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Il Palio in Siena: Porcupine for the day!

on Thu, 06/26/2014 - 10:15
Palio horse race on the Tuscany Untour

This is a favorite of ours and seemed worth revisiting as the first of two Palio days approaches in Siena on July 2. This historic horse race is a critical part of Siena's culture, and a favorite spectacle for visitors to the Tuscan Untour. Andrea Cancelliere was there in the crowd and reports her experiences as an infiltrator with the Istrice Contrada, the Porcupines. Enjoy her first hand account of the action!