Top 8 insider tips by Untourists for Salzburg and Vienna

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Photo by Sanderovski & Linda

After each Untour, we ask our Untourists for feedback on their experience with us. This is important to us to make sure you had the best possible experience on your Untour and to give us some great advice on how to make your next Untour even better.

One of my favorite questions we ask is this: “Are there any special discoveries you would like to recommend?” The answers to this one question have given us wonderful tips to share with you about things to do, restaurants, day trips, and other fun stuff.

Here are some of the top discoveries we received from our 2011 Austrian Untourists:

In/around Salzburg

  • Golling Falls is one of the most beautiful and spectacular falls I have ever visited. It is easily accessible which is unusual. However, one must go all the way to the top (not very difficult) to fully appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of these falls.
  • I especially enjoyed the Werfen fortress….the restaurant, and the falcon demonstration
  • Opera at the Marionette Theater
  • Our Sound of Music with Bob’s Tours (small van) was both informative and enjoyable.
  • Visit the Lakes area outside Salzburg (ie Wolfgansee)
  • Do not miss Hallstatt!
  • We really liked the 1/2 day we spent in Bad Ischl, the 1/2 day in Hallstatt and the train trip for a 1/2 day to Innsbruck.
  • Don’t miss the Maier Cafe in Golling.

In/around Vienna

  • For music lovers, the Sunday masses were a treat. We loved the restaurant, Hansen, located in the basement of the Borse. It is located next to a beautiful flower shop, Lederleitner. We also enjoyed several meals at Cafe Diglas near St. Stephans.
  • Enjoyed the street food-sausage wagons, sandwiches, pasteries, etc.
  • Don’t forget the Tichy ice cream shop!
  • Fascinating museum – the Mozart/Figaro House.
  • The Mozart Symphony Concert recommended by Claudia was a 10+.
  • For those interested in military history there is an excellent museum called Heeresgeschicthes Museum very inexpensive two subway stops and two stops on trolley 18. Very well done.
  • We loved taking the bus up to the last stop in the heuriger area (can’t remember the name of the stop now) and walking down through the vineyards to the heuringer. We also loved the outdoor film festival in front of city hall.

And, if you’d rather not plan ahead, take Untourist Ronnie Kahn’s advice: “Walk, look and enjoy!!”


What special discoveries have you made in Austria?

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