Tuscan Fun for Kids: 16 Super Cool Things to See and Do

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Our Tuscan Untour is a top destination for families, and for good reason. Here are 16 activities we are sure the kids and adults in your family will love.
1. Buonconvento: Visit the playground in town, where you may even meet local kids in the afternoons. Take a short local train trip in the country to look at the sheep. Take a swim in the public pool in town.
2. Montalcino: Rent bikes in town. Eat gelato. Climb the tower in the old town fortress. Locate the different town quarters and their banners.
3. Perugia: Visit the Citta della Domenica, just west of town. It is an amusement park with a miniature Africa, bumper cars and other rides.
4. Assisi: St. Francis talked to animals. Tour Assisi and spot his image all over town. Monks in long brown robes and sandals dress like St. Francis did.
5. Siena: Visit Piazza del Campo where you can count the bright banners and watch street performers. Visit the Cathedral–it has zebra stripes! Ride the Treno Natura.
6. Pisa: How does the leaning tower stay up? We bet mom and dad don’t know either!
7. Pistoia: Visit Giardino Zoologico – the zoo just outside of town.
8. Collodi (near Pescia): Visit the Pinocchio Park. We bet you did not know that Pinocchio was Italian!
9. San Gimignano: Count the towers! Circle the cistern & make a wish.
10. Bagno Vignoni or Bagno San Filipo: Take a hot bath outside in these spa towns. But don’t stay in the water too long. You’ll get really tired.
11. San Galgano: Visit the abbey and see the sword stuck into the rock (at the Eremo Monte Siepi)!
12. Lucca: Rent bicycles and cycle around the city’s circumference atop the old city walls. The trails are wide enough to be safe and it offers a unique view!
13. Florence: Visit the straw market and look for the wild boar statue; browse in the toy stores on Via Cavour & Via Guicciardini; take a boat ride on the Arno or a horse and carriage ride; visit Piazzale Michelangelo, the archeological museum & the Ponte Vecchio; eat gelato; climb Giotto’s bell tower; rent a bike to ride in the city park; eat supper or lunch in a cellar restaurant; take a half-day tour of the city; pose for a portrait or caricature drawn by one of the artists along the Arno near the Uffizi; visit the Stibbert Museum, which has a private villa with a great collection of armor for horses and humans!
14. The Maremma and Mount Amiata: The natural parts of Tuscany are good places to spot wild birds and animals. You can rent bikes in the Parco della Maremma. Wait for a cooler, cloudy day. Watch out for the wild boars!
15. Go to the beach: At the beach rent an umbrella and beach chairs for the day; if you do, you can use the hot water showers and W.C. A pedal boat (pedalo) is a fun alternative for all ages, but stay close to the shore.
16. Hang out on your farm! Take a dip in the swimming pool.

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