Untourist of the Week: Wendell & Celia Rogers

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I have a theory that the Untour way of travel changes how you see things.  Pulled out of your routine and placed into a setting of beauty, with some friendly, knowledgeable people to set you out on the right foot, many of us find that this way of travel  is not just a good trip.  It engenders another way of seeing. 

Nothing makes us happier that knowing that, when we send people on Untours, they are often able to look at the place they visit through more appreciative eyes.  And that along with checking off the sights to see, they may also realize that the most treasured sights we see, on our trips and in our everyday lives, are not usually the big fancy things, but the ordinary things in the people and the nature that surround us.

This week, instead of our normal question and answer format, we thought we’d simply show  the lovely photos of Wendell and Celia Rogers, fresh back from an Umbria Amalfi Untour this year.  Their Tuscany Untour last year was their first one.

We think you can see, in the subject of the photos that Wendell took, that he has slowed down into the Untour time frame, and focused on what’s important and what lasts.

Don’t forget to click on the little “i’ at the bottom of the screen to see Wendell’s captions. Untours Cafe

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