Untours Featured Property: Bonalumi Upper

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Although Untours are about so much more than the great apartments you stay in, we want to give you an idea of the types of apartments we have to help you make more informed decisions when choosing your Untour. So, each week, we’ll be featuring a property for you. Enjoy!

Bonalumi Upper
I’m hesitant to write anything about our Bonalumi Upper vacation rental because the photo above (taken by amazing Untours staffer Francy Breon) really says it all. However, I’ve spoken with Francy and she has given me permission to qwerty my way through a post that may give you a little more information. But, dag, that’s a nice picture, isn’t it?!

On to my qwertying…this apartment’s baclony overlooks the pristine Lake Maggiore, hugging the ankles of the Alpine foothills. In addition to exquisite views, the Bonalumi Upper is in close proximity to restaurants, shops and public transportation – all of which are within a 10-minute walk from the apartment. Also, while this apartment is on the 3rd floor, it’s only an elevator ride away.

Located in Locarno, in the canton (district) of Ticino, open-air markets and the renowned Piazza Grande (home of the Locarno International Film Festival) are just around the corner as well. While staying here, you’ll feel like you’re in a dream world. Imagine being in Switzerland, with all its efficiency and precision, and having a Mediterranean climate with equal parts Italian culture and language. It’s a dream, right? That’s what staying in Locarno is like.

Untourists Bob & Fausta Lynch have this to say about their experience there:

“This was our sixth Untour. We’d return to any of them in a heartbeat – but Ticino ranks way up there! So much to do that can’t be covered in two weeks. Also, Italian culture & warmth with Swiss efficiency = a great combination!”

A LITTLE EXTRA: Locarno has been an active settlement since before Roman times! Mamma mia!


What’s your dream location?

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