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Although Untours are about so much more than the great apartments you stay in, we want to give you an idea of the types of apartments we have to help you make more informed decisions when choosing your Untour. So, each week, we’ll be featuring a property for you. Enjoy!

Chalet Berit
When I was in the Swiss Heartland last September, I was blown away by the region’s majestic beauty. To read more about my experience, check out this month’s issue of the Eurozine

When you decide to take an Untour in the Swiss Heartland, you’ll have many great apartments and chalets to choose from. For us, one of the cream of the crop Untours apartments there is Chalet Berit in the wonderfully quaint town of Sachseln.

Sachseln is the kind of town made for Untourists. The combination of a cozy population (of just 4,000), access to restaurants/museums/supermarket/bank, and towns (Sarnen and Giswil, to be precise) in either direction just a walk away, it’s hard to imagine a better place to experience living like a local. Moreover, Sachseln is the home of Switzerland’s patron saint, Bruder Klaus, a remarkable man who was a farmer turned “living saint” and is credited for unifying Switzerland in its tumultous 15th century. He is also believed to have began the belief structure of many Swiss that neutrality, autonomy and tolerance lie at the core of what it means to be Swiss.

The Chalet Berit is consistently rated highest amont Swiss Untours vacation rentals. While the beauty and culture of Sachseln have a lot to do with it, no doubt, there is something else about this property and its great views, access to Lake Sarnen and nearby hiking trails. It’s the hosts: the Greuterts. Albert Greutert, who lives right next door to Chalet Berit, is practically a legend among Untourists staying in Sachseln. He and his entire English-speaking family have seen much of the United States and they love hosting our Untourists. Many Untourists who stay with at Chalet Berit love the hospitality and camaraderie offered by the Greuterts so much that they return year after year, treating it as their second (or third or fourth) home.

Here are the words of Untourists Tony & Connie Kreif, describing their experience with the Greuterts.

“Albert & Berit are the best. Caring, informative, knowledgeable. They truly connect with their guests. I had a wonderful Swiss meal that I tried to duplicate back home, not quite like theirs.”
-Tony & Connie Kreif, Untourists

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