Untours Featured Property: Posada Real

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Although Untours are about so much more than the great apartments you stay in, we want to give you an idea of the types of apartments we have to help you make more informed decisions when choosing your Untour. So, each week, we’ll be featuring a property for you. Enjoy!
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Posada Real
With great cities like Cordoba, Seville and Granada just a day trip away, our Posada Real apartment‘s location in Priego de Cordoba is in a prime spot to have the Andalusian experience of your dreams.

Just imagine it: you’re in Andalusia, one of Spain’s most beautiful and historic regions, staying in a beautiful apartment close to restaurants, tapas bars and shops, and are just a couple hours away from UNESCO World Heritage Sites like The Alcázar of Seville, The Cathedral of Cordoba and The Alhambra in Granada. It probably couldn’t get any better than this.

But wait, can it? It can.

This apartment has free WiFi and the town you’re staying in has more than enough to do and see to keep you busy the whole time. Priego de Cordoba is a gorgeous town atop a plateau overlooking the Subbética mountain range. While there are countless ways to spend your time there, one of the highest recommended by Untourists is simply to take a walk down the Paseo del Adarve, a promenade built by the Moors (!) with humbling vistas of the endless olive groves in the rolling valley below.

So, the only real question is this: when are you booking the Posada Real?


What’s your dream Andalusian experience?

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