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Although Untours are about so much more than the great apartments you stay in, we want to give you an idea of the types of apartments we have to help you make more informed decisions when choosing your Untour. So, each week, we’ll be featuring a property for you. Enjoy!

In my Featured Property post last week, we highlighted our Vlasska apartment in Prague’s Lesser Town (Mala Strana) section. This week, we keep the adjective/town theme going with the Sazavska apartment in the city’s New Town (Nové Mesto) section, which is actually about 650 years old. So, I guess what’s old is new again?

While New Town is no spring chicken, it does have quite a vibrant feel to it. Wenceslas Square is the most obvious attraction in this part of town. Originally built by Charles IV in 1348 as a horse market, it has been the site of numerous important Czech events dating far back into its history.

Since being renamed after St. Wenceslas, Bohemia’s patron saint, in 1848, it has been the site of the declaration of an independent Czechoslovakia in 1918, protests against the Soviet invasion in 1Elizabethkillough8 and huge demonstrations during the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Today, Wenceslas Square is buzzing with commerce as the city’s hub of business and cultural communities.

Aside from Wenceslas Square, New Town is home to several other can’t miss sights. Some standbys are the National Museum, the National Theater and the State Opera.

However, my two favorite, albeit touristy, recommendations are U Fleku and the Dancing House (aka Nationale-Nederlanden, but bka Fred and Ginger). U Fleku is a 500+ year old brew pub that only serves one type of beer (its own!), and the Dancing House is a building fluidly designed by Frank Gehry and Czech architect Vlado Milunic to appear in motion, as if one section is dancing with the other.

With all this stuff to do in New Town, you should probably bring some friends and family along to enjoy it all with you. The Sazavska apartment is a perfect fit. You’re within walking distance of Wenceslas Square as well as other major sights like Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. And, with 2 bedrooms, a spacious floorplan and a 5-minute walk to tram or metro stops, you and your fellow travelers can comfortably plan for those days when you want to explore the rest of the city.


What do you think makes Prague so wonderful?

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