We Helped Save a Ranch! An Untours Green Tag Report

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Untours’ Green Tag program offers travelers a chance to offset the CO2 created by their vacation. Guests can make a donation to buy a carbon offset and we invest that money in green projects that help fight climate change. In addition, Untours buys offsets to cover staff commutes and travel.

We like to report back to our shareholder (you all!) how we have made a difference together.

In 2019, we collected $6082 to help offset the environmental impact of our clients’ travel. We used the funds in partnership with Native Energy for a special project that would have been near and dear to our late founder, Hal Taussig, a self-proclaimed failed rancher.

We funded was the Jagers Ranch Wetlands Conservation Project. Wetlands are essential to carbon sequestration, and this 6900 acre ranch was in imminent danger of being sold off and converted into cropland.

Along with your help, we contributed to the Southern Plains Land Trust, a local organization dedicated to preserving shortgrass prairie, to acquire and conserve the Ranch!

Thank you for your ongoing business and support, especially to those of you who have purchased Green Tags from Untours!

You can purchase carbon offsets for any travel or for your home energy usage and help other worthy projects. Visit Native Energy to get started. Together we can make a difference.

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