Why You Shouldn't Go to Scotland

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Scottish cities are ugly and grey. 

Especially the capital, Edinburgh, where you have to walk to (mostly free) museums with awful views like this. 

Once again, this clean and green city with a park in the center of the city and a castle built on an extinct volcano. Who wants that?!

No one needs to endure these views of the Edinbrugh castle, dating back to the 12th century. 

In fact Scotland in general is pretty dreary. 

Clearly the views are a nightmare, especially these waterfront ones. 

Who would want cozy, brightly painted cottage restaurants and hidden pubs and taverns? 

Scottish food is awful. 

Why would you want homemade strawberry crumble and clotted cream when we have instant oatmeal?

Being so close to the sea, why would you want fresh crab and lobster caught that day when immitation crab exists?

There’s nothing to do.

The National Museum of Scotland has free entry and free guided tours? No thanks, I’d rather not explore this giant trove of history and treasures. 

Can we stop with this castle already? There’s even an entire shopping strip leading up to the entrance, ripe for souvenir shopping. 

Worst of all? Scots are obsessed with books, meaning in Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, really anywhere in the country, there are little independent book stores to get lost in. 

Have we convinced you NOT to go to Scotland already? If not, check out the Scotland Untour based in Stirling. Only check out this Untour if you love beautiful and green cities, fresh seafood, exploring bookshops, or visiting world-renowned museums (for free!). 


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