The wise women behind Untours Prague, Budapest and Austria

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As we move from May’s focus on Prague and Budapest into June’s insights on Austria, I want to introduce you to the dynamic duo delivering these delicious Untours – meet Cathrin Baumbach and Sue Baker!

If you know either of these brilliant women, you know that they know their stuff when it comes to anything to do with Prague, Budapest and Austria. But, their knowledge extends far, far beyond astronomical clocks, luxurious spas and classical music. In fact, they both currently also handle all Untours things Germany (Cathrin was born in Germany!)and Greece.

Can you imagine having all of that region-specific knowledge crammed in your brain? It wouldn’t be possible to fit in any more, right?


These ladies have big brains. Huge.

Both Cathrin and Sue are also former experts in two of our biggest regions: Italy and Switzerland. Cathrin started her career at Untours working on the Swiss team while Sue (whose father is Italian) began on the Italian team and, to this day, continues to support them.

So, if you’re looking for a trip to, well, almost anywhere we have Untours, Cathrin and Sue are your gals. Read more about them (and all of us here at Untours) on the Untours staff page!


If you’ve loved working with Cathrin and Sue, tell us all about it!

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