This year's Untour Giveaway winner is…

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Over the past 7 months, we have received hundreds of very deserving nominations for a free Untour in our second Untour Giveaway.

As of right now, that list of nominees is inhabited by only one person: Joanne. She is the winner of a free 2015 Untour!

Joanne was nominated by her sister (Sue), who was kind enough to share Joanne’s story with us. After caring for her son, who was born with spina bifida, for 27 years and losing him in his sleep, she lost her husband in a tragic accident just two years later.

As a youngster, Joanne was fortunate enough to travel to Germany with a church choir. While she has longed to travel abroad again, her life circumstances made such dreams out of her reach.

After much deliberation, the Untour Giveaway review committee decided that, while many other nominees were very deserving, Joanne was the best fit to win a free Untour.

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