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More on Eurozine

Monthly Travel Tips & Stories
  • The Eurozine is our most popular newsletter. Every month, your issue will be chock full of useful tidbits: fun travel stories & tips, featured products, recipes, Untours Foundation news, great travel sites/apps and more!
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Weekly Hot Deals on Untours Products
  • Our Deals Alerts go out 1x/week and offer great discounts and/or incentives on our Untours and RIGHT Vacation Rental products.

More on Untours Cruises

Periodic Deals with our Cruise Partners
  • We send cruise deals 1-2x/month about the cruise lines we've chosen to partner with, for their focus on small ships, cultural exploration and light environmental impact.

More on The Untours Quarterly

Quarterly Updates on Untours Goings-on
  • Four times a year, you'll get The Quarterly, a kind of State of Untours email with updates, news, Untourist stories and more.
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Francy Breon
Co-Team Leader - Switzerland and Holland Untours
Cruise Specialist

I've been at Untours for over 20 years now, and travelling to Switzerland for over 30 years. Switzerland is my home away from home.
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