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Vacation Rentals and Vacation Packages in Germany

Choose between 2 Untour locations: the famous Rhine Valley or
romantic Bavaria

Rhine Untour

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rhine Valley is a wonderful way to explore the fascinating villages and beauty along the Rhine River.
  • Over 30 castles waiting to be explored within a short distance from your charming Untours village
  • German rail pass included covering dense train network and all KD river boats
  • Delicious wines grown and produced along the banks of the Rhine
  • Koblenz, Mainz, and even Cologne just a few of the day trip possibilities
  • Stay for one or two weeks or combine the Rhine with a week at the Castle or a week in Holland on an Untours Sampler

Castle Untour

Stay in a 14th century Bavarian castle while exploring some of Germany's most beautiful regions.
  • Close to the storybook villages of Rothenburg and Dinkelsbühl, along the Romantic Road
  • Hearty Bavarian cuisine and excellent beer enjoyed in cozy inns
  • Daytrips to the fascinating cities of Nuremberg, Ansbach, and Munich
  • Further afield: Salzburg and King Ludwig's famous Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Stay for one or two weeks or take an Untours Sampler, one week on the Rhine or a week in Salzburg with one week at the Castle

Untours no longer offers a program in Berlin, but for those interested in this dynamic city, we recommend contacting Jane Helmchen. Jane has worked with Untours for decades. She can arrange for apartment accommodations and support services in Berlin, her hometown. You may contact Jane at Jane.Helmchen@web.de

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