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This page contains links to recent articles that have appeared in the media about Untours. The most recent articles and press releases appear at the top of each list. If you have seen any articles that have not yet been listed, send an email to travel@untours.com and we'll add them to the list.

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Untours is featured in 2 episodes of the groundbreaking PDS series called Boomers! Redefining Life after 50! The series, which aired nationally in 2006 and 2007 consisted of 13 half-hour lifestyle magazine shows that examined topics such as wellness, retirement planning, relationships, and of course...travel, all in the context of Baby Boomers.

The Swiss Heartland Untour was featured in a show entitled, "Pack Your Bags". In addition, Hal Taussig, President and Founder of Untours, was featured in the episode entitled, "Living the Dream" in which his work with the Untours Foundation and his unique life was showcased.



Elizabeth Killough
Director - Untours Foundation
I share Hal Taussig's passions for ending poverty, riding bikes, treasuring great books, and discovering just the right films on Netflix, so I joined him at the Untours Foundation over a decade ago.
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