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Untour Samplers: Combine weeks in different locations!

Why pick just one? We can combine destinations for you with special pricing that includes transportation between destinations, along with local transfers, orientation, events, and staff support in each location. We’re one-stop shopping for the best combinations in Europe!

Build a Sampler: For 2017, we are changing the way we price samplers. Now you can build your package and price based on the apartments you select. Combine two or more one-week rentals in any of our our recommended combinations, and we will either include a free rail transfer or offer you a $50/person discount on the sum of the two one-week prices, depending on the destinations you select. (The discount may even be higher, depending on your combination.)

How to Book: Click here to build your sampler or call us to book!

Some Sampler Suggestions

Mix-and-Match Italy
Combine weeks in any of our Italian destinations; the possibilities are endless!
  • Tuscany + Venice = Serenity and beauty
  • Umbria + Florence = Rolling hills, frescoes, and art
  • Amalfi Coast + Rome = the best of southern Italy

The Best of Town and Country
Combining small town charm and big city attractions give you two views and a richer understanding of a country
  • France = Paris + Provence or Paris + Alsace
  • Spain = Barcelona + Andalusia
  • Austria = Salzburg + Vienna

Switzerland x 2
Go deeper into Switzerland. $400/person discount when you combine weeks.
  • Swiss Heartland + Swiss Ticino = Alpine tradition and Italian flair
  • Swiss Heartland + Oberland = mountains, views, and hiking
  • Swiss Heartland + Oberland + Ticino = your Swiss bucket list

German Immersion
Bavarian Castle + German Rhine = the best of Germany

Border Crossings
Combine two countries and see more!
  • Holland + the German Rhine = a rail trip big on fun
  • Swiss Heartland + Alsace = the best of the European countryside
  • Salzburg + Swiss Oberland = a paradise of Alpine hiking
  • Holland + German Rhine = $100/person discount

Three-Week City Combos
Venice + Florence + Rome = An education in art, history, architecture, food, and style
Prague + Budapest + Vienna = An immersion in fine arts, classical music, and architecture

Build a Sampler and Get:
  • 7 nights in each location, in personally selected, private accommodations such as a farmhouse, flat, or cottage
  • Optional roundtrip airfare or suggestions for booking your flight.
  • Transportation between cities
  • Ground transportation in each location (public transport tickets, rail passes, or car rentals)
  • Airport transfer upon arrival
  • Orientation by English-speaking on-site staff
  • Access to on-site English-speaking staff by telephone
  • See "What's Included" for a complete description of Untours' extras.