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Dear Future Untourist,

It is not too early to think about trip cancellation insurance!

Every year we hear from clients who must cancel their Untours due to unforeseen circumstances. Though we keep cancellation fees as low as possible, we do incur significant costs that we must pass on. If you are forced to interrupt your trip after it has begun, the fees will usually exceed your total trip cost.

Most Untourists follow our advice and purchase travel insurance. We have worked with Travel Insured for many years. Our clients have been very satisfied with their support.

To qualify for pre-existing condition coverage you must purchase the Worldwide Trip Protector within 21 days of making you first trip payment (either your Untour trip deposit or payments for flights or other trip components that you make prior). The pre-existing condition waiver covers cancellations due to illness that you or a relative may have, even if that family member is not travelling with you. See your policy for important terms and conditions.

If your Untour includes a car rental, we recommend you add the Renters Collision Insurance option. It is much less expensive than purchasing similar coverage from the rental car company directly.

Residents of FL, WA, KS, and MO
Different rates and terms apply. Please contact Travel Insured directly at 1-800-243-3174.

To review and purchase the policy we recommend, follow these links:

Recommended Plan Overview with Pricing
Recommended Plan Detailed Pricing
Recommended Plan Application
Recommended Plan Details and Terms

We believe Worldwide Trip Protector is adequate for our clients, but if you wish to consider upgraded coverage, click through to compare your options.

If you have questions or prefer to purchase insurance over the phone, call Travel Insured at 1-800-243-3174. Let them know that you are travelling with Untours (48868).

We look forward to helping you plan your trip, and we sincerely hope that you never have to use this insurance!

Your Untours Team

P.S. Don't worry if you have not purchased your air tickets yet. You can add the cost of your tickets later by calling Travel Insured directly. Just remember to add the air tickets within 21 days of paying for them.