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Meet Our Staff

Untours staff are a uniquely wonderful breed of culturists!

Not only are we incontrovertibly mad about the customs and traditions of each one of our Untours locations, we sincerely appreciate the profound effect culture plays in our lives. Each day, we aim to infuse our cultural experiences into everything we do.

As a group, we all agree that the concept of social responsibility guides our business direction and informs our personal decisions. Whether it's the type of foods we purchase or the travel methods we select, Untours staff live a socially responsible life and have chosen to work at Untours because the company shares our ideals.

We would love to tell you more about ourselves, so please continue down the page to learn more.

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Hal Taussig

Founder and President Emeritus
My love for travel started as a teen, when taking the Taussig show cattle to exhibitions around the U.S. In time, it was perfectly logical that this Rocky Mountain boy would grow to relish the Swiss Alps and the people I befriended on my journeys.

Brian Taussig-Lux

General Manager
It's not just the travel, but the love and respect I have for Hal and his values that keeps me at Untours. Working with Hal has given me an opportunity to continue his mission and create a company that makes a positive difference in the world

Elizabeth Killough

Director - Untours Foundation
I share Hal Taussig's passions for ending poverty, riding bikes, treasuring great books, and discovering just the right films on Netflix, so I joined him at the Untours Foundation over a decade ago.

Ellen Peters

Accounting Director
Above and beyond the travel perks, I'm thrilled to be working at Untours because of the philosophy of the company and of the owners, Hal and Norma Taussig.

Andrea Szyper

Communications Director
I coordinate marketing, social media, client correspondence, and web content. I enjoy tapping the experience of our staff and customers to create compelling and useful content for our website and blog.

Shannon Davidson

Communications Director - Untours Foundation
I am thrilled to be working at the Untours Foundation, providing a hand up to innovative businesses that help alleviate poverty around the world. It's truly inspiring to see how many lives Hal and Untours have touched.

Julie Siebel

IT Director
In my limited spare time I write and I cook. Someday I would love to visit Nafplio or Tuscany, or just about anywhere Untours travels, and eat my way across Europe!

Dodge Amaral

Director - France, Spain and the Americas Untours
Paris will always be my favorite haunt, because as much as you think you know or have seen, there’s likely a surprise to be enjoyed just around the corner!

Cathrin Baumbach

Director - Austria, Germany, Eastern Europe, Istanbul and Greece Untours
I greatly enjoy the diversity of my responsibilities at Untours, the company's values, and the opportunity to connect with people from other cultures.

Andi Cancelliere

Director - Italy and Istanbul Untours
Ciao, bellissimi! I've been to Italy about 20 times, speak Italian fluently, and I'm often mistaken for a native while I'm there.

Dee McConnell

Director - Switzerland and Holland Untours
Coordinator - Transportation and Cruises
I enjoy the variety in what I do. Whether I am coordinating air, taking care of our Swiss Untourists, or selling a cruise, I enjoy the different hats I wear.

Sonia Ratcliffe

Specialist - France, Spain & the Americas Untours
Coordinator - The Right Vacation Rental
My first time to France was during a family vacation back in 2000. I was instantly hooked on the open-air markets, the grandeur of Versailles, and the beaming sun of Provence.

Anna Greeley

Office Assistant
What I like the most about working at Untours is that we are all like one big happy family. Plus, I like what I do and really think the world of Hal Taussig.

Marilee Taussig

Special Projects
I'm a culture junkie. Something about discovering the intimate, under-the-surface codes that come with each culture draws me.