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Vacation Rentals and Vacation Packages in Switzerland

Choose among 3 Untour locations: the traditional Heartland,
the cosmopolitan Oberland and the Italian flavors of Ticino.

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Switzerland Heartland

The Switzerland of dreams. Apartments in villages between Lucerne and Interlaken, and on the Hasliberg mountainside, all surrounded by glorious alpine scenery.
  • Swiss flowers, cowbells and alpenhorns
  • Dramatic mountain views and hikes
  • Beautiful little lakes throughout the region
  • Great transportation throughout all of Switzerland via the Lucerne-Interlaken train line
  • Your wonderful "home" city of Lucerne is an excellent hub to see all of Switzerland by train
  • Available as a one or two week Untour or as an Untours Sampler, with a week in the Heartland and a week in Alsace, the Oberland or Ticino
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Switzerland Oberland

Breathtaking scenery in cosmopolitan villages along the shores of Lake Thun and in towns in the dramatic Kander Valley just south of the lake.
  • Quick access to Lake Thun's city and castles
  • High alpine scenery all around you
  • Interlaken and Bern a few minutes train ride away from Thun
  • Excellent access to the French and Valais areas of Switzerland
  • Available as a one or two week Untour or as an Untours Sampler, a week in Oberland and a second week in Alsace, the Heartland or Ticino
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Switzerland Ticino

Ticino is "Italian" Switzerland, a fascinating mix of Italian cuisine and language with Swiss efficiency and geography. Apartments are in and around Locarno on Lake Maggiore.
  • Upscale resort towns and secluded rustic valleys...less than one hour from one another
  • Mediterranean flavor in culture, cuisine, language, etc.
  • Lakes galore!
  • Superb hiking and Post Bus day trips into the unique Ticino no place else on earth
  • Fabulous Swiss public transportation
  • Available as a one or two week Untour or as an Untours Sampler with a week in Ticino and a second week in Alsace, the Heartland, the Oberland or Venice
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