News Release: UnTours Introduces Virtual Weekend in Spain
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UnTours Launches Virtual Weekend in Spain

UnTours presents Virtual Weekend in Southern Spain, a series of interactive online events that will connect guests with Spanish experts on wine, food, culture, and history. With a private Flamenco concert, cooking and wine classes, and lively discussion, plus the option of adding a language class, these Zoom events will immerse guests in the culture of Southern Spain. Packages start at $159 per couple.

December 11 - 13, 2020

November 12, 2020

Media, PA - Next month, European tour operator UnTours will host a Virtual Weekend program that will connect its travelers with local historians, experts, and performers for a deep guided exploration of the history, culture, music, wine, and food of Spain.

This Virtual Weekend in Southern Spain program will be held on Zoom and will run December 11 -13. This immersive experience includes talks on Spanish wine, culture, and history, along with cooking classes and a private Flamenco guitar concert, all presented live from Spain.

The events will be limited to a small group of participants and will be interactive, offering open discussions and a chance to ask questions. Registration for the full weekend starts at $159 per couple, and packages are available with and without cooking classes.

“We know people are desperately missing international travel,” says Brian Taussig-Lux, UnTours President. “This is a fun way to keep our clientele engaged and learning. Our first experiences with these online events leads me to believe we will continue these sessions even when we are able to return to international travel.”

Taussig-Lux facilitates events and hosted a successful Virtual Weekend in Portugal last month that included an intimate Fado concert and discussion, pastry making, a lesson on Port wine, a conversation about life in Portugal before and during the pandemic, and flyover tours of Porto and Lisbon.

Guests raved about the experience. “I liked the interactive nature of everything, the way it was built in from the start,” said one. “No long lecture absent questions or discussion.”

“When we are able to travel again, I would love to do something like this to prepare for the country I am going to see. I normally do a little studying before I go, but this would be so much better. It was impressive and I would do it again.”

Activities for the Spanish weekend will include: In the weeks leading up to the weekend event, guests can sign up for a short, private flamenco concert and a basic Spanish language learning session. See the full offerings here.

Virtual Weekends are part of UnTours at Home, a new series of online events started during the pandemic to keep travelers connected to Europe and engaged in learning. Zoom events include concerts and talks on wine and history from various parts of Europe.

The most popular single-session events have been Cooking with Tracy, a series of classes taught live from Tuscany. Guests have learned to make gnocchi, tiramisu, various sweets and sauces, and pasta from scratch, all while sharing wine and lively conversation.

When borders are open, UnTours offers apartment-based vacations in other cities throughout Europe, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Budapest, Venice, Florence, and Rome. UnTours are also available in the countryside of Switzerland, France, Italy, and Germany.

UnTours also arranges barge cruises and river cruising in Europe and has added RV travel and US travel to its offerings. UnTours promotes thoughtful travel through local experience and has been organizing its UnTour travel packages since 1975.

For more details, photos, and resources, contact Brian Taussig-Lux at 888-868-6871.



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