UnTours Mission and the UnTours Foundation
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UnTours and the UnTours Foundation:
Changing the Way Business and Philanthropy are Done

Ownership Model

UnTours is a for-profit tour company that is committed to thoughtful, responsible travel that helps foster cross-cultural understanding.

UnTours is owned by the UnTours Foundation, a non-profit organization that invests in replicable community projects and startups that create jobs, grow the green economy, support fair trade, and seed economic development where it is most needed.

Profits and Support

UnTours supports the work of the UnTours Foundation in a number of ways:
  • UnTours donates a significant amount of its post-tax profits to the UnTours Foundation.
  • We provide office space and other contributions to hold down overhead for the operation of the UnTours Foundation.
  • We provide additional in-kind support to the UnTours Foundation, from office support to pro-bono consulting and volunteer time.
  • UnTours staff support is ongoing and inclusive, as staff share ideas, purpose, good energy and synergy with the foundation staff.

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