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Air for your UnTour

Flight Arrangements with our Partner, Auto Europe

We partner with Auto Europe to offer our guests excellent rates on airfares for our UnTours. Here's how it works:
  • We collect your contact information and the details of your flight requests and pass them on to our colleagues at Auto Europe.
  • An Auto Europe representative will contact you by phone and/or email within two business days. You will work directly with Auto Europe to get the best itinerary.
  • Upon your approval of flights for ticketing, your payment will be made directly to Auto Europe by credit card. They will issue your e-ticket.
  • Seating preferences are available upon request, although at an extra charge depending on the airline.
  • All communication about flights, costs, ticketing, seats, etc. for Auto Europe-booked flights will be between the client and Auto Europe, and UnTours will be copied on the itineraries.

Why should I arrange my flights with Auto Europe?
  • Auto Europe can often reserve flights at cheaper fares than what is advertised online. (Though this is not a guarantee.)
  • Auto Europe offers excellent service, with a larger staff and longer opening hours than ours.
  • Because of Auto Europe's volume, they have exclusive contracts with many airlines and can often offer more generous fare rules regarding ticket cancellations and changes.

Want to browse for fares?

To get an idea of what fares and connections are out there, you can get sample schedules and flight estimates at matrix.itasoftware.com. Remember that fares and availability fluctuate, and often the cheapest itineraries are not the best ones.

General Information About Air

Here is what you need to know about flights for your UnTour in general:
  • If we are to arrive on a Wednesday, when does our outbound flight depart? You need to depart from North America on Tuesday to arrive in Europe on Wednesday.
  • What about our return? Your UnTour rental normally ends on Wednesday morning. You would depart Europe on Wednesday and arrive back in North America on Wednesday.
  • Can we depart earlier or stay later? Yes. Your apartment rental dates are fixed, but you may opt to add hotel nights at the beginning or end of your stay, and you can arrange flights accordingly.
  • Can I join the UnTours airport transfer if I book my own flights? Many UnTours offer escorts from the airport at a specific time. Please check with UnTours staff when booking so you can schedule flight times to take full advantage of UnTours transfer assistance.
  • Is there any advantage to booking our air through UnTours' air partner? Auto Europe knows which airlines and connections work best to our destinations. If they book your air, they can sometimes help if you need to make a change to your itinerary, though these changes often involve additional fees. If problems arise (like a change in schedule or delays due to a strike) They'll do their best to help.

  • 8/30/2019