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A Recipe from Alsace: Tarte Flambee

Alsace Food and Drink France Recipes & Cooking

February 1, 2012 by Mtaussig

From the Alsace region of France, a Tarte Flambée (or Flammeküeche in the Alsatian language, a dialect of German) is unique to this region. That being said, given it’s reliance on heavy cream, bacon and onions, one can discern it’s very French and German roots, like nearly everything else in Alsace! One legend is that…  

What kind of coffee do I order?

Coffee & Cafes Food and Drink Italy

January 26, 2012 by Mtaussig

Here are the most common coffees you’ll find in an Italian bar; most of these should be available in the ubiquitous “bar” no matter where you are in Italy: Caffè In Italy the word “caffè’” naturally implies an espresso. There is no need to specify “espresso” when ordering.  Served in a demitasse cup. Caffè macchiato:-…  

Coffee culture….Italian style

Coffee & Cafes Italy

January 25, 2012 by Mtaussig

It’s no accident that there are few if any Starbucks in Italy.  Arguably, Italy (in our humble opinion) invented the concept that Starbucks shoots for.  In Italy there often are two or three bars per city block, staffed by a skilled “barista” who knows their customer personally and serves even the quickest, cheapest coffee with…  

Untourist of the Week: Thomas Evans

Florence Italy Music Tuscany

January 16, 2012 by Mtaussig

1.”Tell us a little bit about your most recent Untour.” We’re not  typical Untourists because our last tour was our seventh consecutive visit to South Tuscany. Being in a familiar place, we didn’t feel compelled to visit every museum, inspect every basilica, and hike up the main street of every hill town listed in the…  

Untourist of the Week: Janice Beck


January 9, 2012 by Mtaussig

Each Monday, The Untourist interviews an Untourist of the Week and features the discussion for your enjoyment. This week’s Untourist is Janice Beck, who has been on over 15 UnTours. We hope you enjoy her story. Thanks, Janice! Tell us about your latest Untour: “This past summer I was fortunate to be in Europe for…