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Provence: In the Footsteps of Van Gogh and Cรฉzanne

Arts France Provence

November 6, 2019 by Andrea Szyper

In southern France in the late 1800s, a new crop of painters were moving their medium in exciting new directions that would radically reshape our notions of art. The Post-Impressionists favored bold color, visible brushwork, and sentiment in their work. Yet Post-Impressionism was not a cohesive movement, so much as a period of creative transition…  

Shoreditch London: Street Art 101

Arts London

May 13, 2019 by Andrea Szyper

Art lovers flock to our London Untour, eager for time in some of the world’s most important museums. But the city offers an exciting open-air alternative for those who enjoy street life and contemporary art. Londonโ€™s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood is one of the most important global epicenters of street art. Artists from around the city…