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Swiss Design Details: A Quiz for Swiss Alumni

Arts Heartland Oberland Switzerland

August 19, 2019 by Special Guest

Alumni of our Swiss Heartland and Swiss Oberland UnTours are a savvy bunch, no doubt drawn to the natural beauty and soaring vistas of the magnificent Alps. But there are other, smaller pleasures to enjoy in central Switzerland. Swiss Untour alumnus and UnTours Foundation donor Kemp Plugh captured some of Switzerland’s smaller bits of beauty…  

Spiez, the Jewel of Switzerland’s Lake Thun

Nature Oberland Switzerland Wine

January 8, 2019 by Untours Staff

Centered scenically on the southwest shore of Lake Thun, Spiez is a regal, inviting town. With its historic charm, mountain views, and excellent rail connections, it is one of our more popular hometowns on the Swiss Oberland Untour. Whether you stay here or use the train or boat to visit, you will likely fall in…