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Six Things to See and Do in Thun, Switzerland

Heartland Hiking and Walking Oberland Switzerland

October 19, 2020 by Untours Staff

With its remarkable combination of history, setting, and culture, Thun is one of our favorite cities in Switzerland. Thun Castle overlooks the city and offers a wonderful view. As you walk the arcaded sidewalks of the old city, you’re constantly reminded of Thun’s medieval past. In its present, Thun offers regular open-air concerts on the…  

Vickie Kelber’s Swiss Family Encounters

Family travel Heartland Oberland Switzerland

August 5, 2020 by Special Guest

Vickie Kelber is a faithful Untouris alum and a contributor to the UnTours blog. She recently shared these memories from Switzerland. My husband and I have traveled to Switzerland more times than we can remember! Many of our trips have been with UnTours. Our first trip with UnTours was in 1991, back when it was…  

Across the Charles Bridge: Meet Prague’s Castle District

Czech Republic Prague

July 6, 2020 by Untours Staff

Prague does not have a single city center. Contemporary Prague revolves around Wenceslas Square and historic Prague around Old Town Square. But for the best views over all of it, discover Royal Prague in the Castle District. And what a way to get there, via the Charles Bridge! Hradcany, the Castle District, is one of…  

Return to Rouhling, France: A WWII Reunion


June 14, 2020 by Special Guest

Untourist and UnTours Foundation supporter Jerry Nolan recently shared this touching story with us, about his memories of WWII and his return to France to reconnect with a French family he befriended. In October of 1944 the U.S. army shipped me to Europe to go to war. My nineteenth birthday passed almost unnoticed on the…  

Dispatch From Amsterdam in the Corona Era


April 6, 2020 by Special Guest

Updates and check-ins continue to pour in from UnTours staff in Europe. Here is the latest from the Netherlands, an update from Edmund, our colleague and friend in Amsterdam. Amsterdam today reminds me of Sunday mornings a long, long time ago. Deserted, quiet, and serene. This was of course before the center of Amsterdam was…  

A Post-War Reunion in Switzerland


March 5, 2020 by Special Guest

This story is written by Untourist and UnTours Foundation supporter Peter Mullen. When Christine and I got off the train at Sarnen in central Switzerland, we were warmly greeted by the UnTours host family, whom we would spend the next several days with. Still standing on the station platform, I impulsively asked if they knew of…  

Provence in Pictures, an Untourist Report

France Provence

February 5, 2020 by Special Guest

Wendell Rogers is a repeat Untourist who has joined us more than a half dozen times in Europe since 2011. He also happens to be a gifted photographer. He shared his images of Alsace from a recent trip, and here are more images of France. These come from his stay on the Provence Untour. “We…  

Easy Travel Photography Tips for Europe

Travel Tips Trip planning

February 3, 2020 by Special Guest

“Photography develops the art of seeing and the art of living,” says Frances Schwabenland. Frances is an Untourist and a travel photographer whose work has been published in books and widely on the internet. She has also shared her skills with the UnTours Foundation. We recently sat down with Frances to get some pointers on…  

Meet the Winner of the 2019 Untours Photo Contest


December 10, 2019 by Andrea Szyper

This time of year we celebrate the end of a fun and exciting season of UnTours. We also celebrate Untourists who have shared their photos. In November, we put 12 of our favorite UnTours Photo Contest entries up for popular vote, and the people have spoken. The 2019 winner is: Karen Munoz! She traveled with…