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The Wheel of Time Spins November 18 Eurozine

In our family travel issue, we visit the Highland Games with our guests and their bagpiper nephew. We check out London for all ages and get some smart tips on family travel with Swiss rail. And we join the UnGala for a stylish night of ethical fashion. Join us.

Europe for the Win October 18 Eurozine

In travel you win some and lose some. Atitude is everything. Meet our Shy David and our clever photo contest winners, visit Tuscany's prettiest towns, catch some winning Swiss views, and meet the little food co-op that could. Plus new apartments and more.

What did YOU do for vacation? September 18 Eurozine

Wine tasting in Provence. Touring museums and concert halls in Vienna. Hanging with friends in Ireland, exploring London, climbing volcanoes in Iceland... Untourists check in from far and wide with their reports, reviews, and some fabulous Photo Contest entries!

The City is Yours August 18 Eurozine

Summer can be a great time to explore the cities of Europe! We've got you covered, with our museum guide for Amsterdam, an update on the London skyline, a Lisbon neighborhood guide, and cool free things to do in Vienna. Let's go!

Switzerland and the Myth of Neutrality July 18 Eurozine

Switzerland stands for so much, like rail travel, natural beauty, and ecology. Read about Einstein in Bern, family rail adventures, hiking Engelberg, and the magic of the Swiss Travel System. Drool over an Untourist's Oberland pics. Join us!

Why do you want to go there? June 2018 Eurozine

Portugal is where we want to be. Read about why we chose it, and what motivates us. Get to know Sintra and Central Portugal. Learn about the pleasures of Porto and the northern region of Portugal. We'll share lots of reasons!

We're Your Friends IRL May 2018 Eurozine

Don't let the technology fool you. We're your friends In Real Life. Here's an update on social media that we hope will help us connect in a fun and real way. Updates on Facebook, a tutorial for using Instagram, a link for new apartments, and more. Take a look!

Something Old, Something New... April 2018 Eurozine

...something borrowed, something blue. The Etruscans, two spots in Portugal, a better laundry service (by way of the Untours Foundation, and a boat ride on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. We've got a little something something. ;)

Going to Town March 2018 Eurozine

We're giving it our all this month. Going to town to bring you the best of Parisian cafe life, museums in Leiden, and a rundown on Edinburgh's Old Town. And the Untours Foundation's investments are helping town and country. Feed your curiosity. Join us!

European Passion Report February 2018 Eurozine

We are celebrating passion in all its forms: passion for people, places, and things. We're passionate about soccer, contemporary art, single malt scotch, and travel, of course. Read all about it, and share our 10 Most Romantic Places in Europe with someone you love.

Travel Planning is Optimism January 2018 Eurozine

It takes a special kind of optimism to plan a trip. Let's shake off the bad weather and news and think about a brighter tomorrow! Read about golfing in St. Andrews, cafes in Vienna, our favorite hikes in Switzerland, a then start putting together your 2018 travel plan!

Better Together December 2017 Eurozine

Let's embrace our differences, join together, and connect. Read about an Untourist's search for her grandma's childhood home in Paris. And the Choykas' cooking class with friends in Tuscany. Also, Dee and Scott's Rhine cruise report. Plus our thoughtful gift guide and a killer gnocchi recipe!

What's Trending November 2017 Eurozine

Get a jump on 2018 plans, as demand for Europe will be higher in 2018. Check out which Untours are trending. Plus the best apps and websites for London, Switzerland's best castles, and our new apartments in Paris. And combine destinations on a sampler.

Wine and Food October 2017 Eurozine

Get the low down on Austrian wines and wine bars. Snack your way through Paris with our list of brilliantly local alternatives to restaurants. Discover Vegan eats and civic-minded treats in vibrant London. Cook, taste, and sip your way through Tuscany and Provence on a Wine and Food Untour.

Sumer Vacation Report September 2017 Eurozine

What did you do on your summer vacation? Our guests report on trip to the regatta in Venice and the charming villages of Provence. You should see their photos! Brian reports on the Whisky Road in Scotland and shares some new developments. And Elizabeth celebrates her birthday in London.

To Switzerland August 2017 Eurozine

Join us for some of the best rail trips in Switzerland, as we climb Alpine peaks and glide through some of central Switzerland's most gorgeous villages. Learn about a Swiss marvel of engineering. And how did Elizabeth make it two week on the Swiss Untour without her luggage? Read to find out.

If It's Not Scottish... July 2017 Eurozine

Read impressions of Scotland and our Central Scotland Untour from our first guests. They have some valuable tips and apartment suggestions. Or read about Inverness and the Isle of Skye, places you can explore on our Scottish Highlands Untour. An Untours Foundation Board member even gets in on the action with her own travel report.

The Green Travel Guide June 2017 Eurozine

Climate change is real and our travels have an impact. Explore the idea of traveling light with the Untours Green Guide to Travel. Visit green, pristine Switzerland. Meet a zero-waste apparel company. Learn what Untours is doing. Read more.

Let a Museum Be Your Anchor May 2017 Eurozine

We love museums as a window into a culture and what it values. Get a Modern Art lesson at the Kunstmuseum in Basel. Discover whimsical musical treasures at Siegfried's Mechanical Musical Cabinet on the German Rhine. Seek sanctuary at L'Orangerie in Paris. Gallery hop in Chester. Read more.

Untours Travel News April 2017 Untours Quarterly

A new Untour planned for the Scottish Highlands! Volunteer trips in Thailand, Belize, Costa Rica, Peru and South Africa. New Untours apartments in Holland, Florence and London. Happy 25th birthday to the Untours Foundation. Read all about it!

Best of Town and Country March 2017 Eurozine

We're a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll, and so are many of our Untours. Visit Strasbourg with its quaint historic quarter and bustling city life. Enjoy city centers and easy access to rural scenery in Salzburg and Nafplio. See a new side of Lancaster. Read more.

Four Reasons to be Happy February 2017 Eurozine

Cheer up! It's not so bad. There are still Tuscan sunflower fields and antiques markets in Provence to explore. Check our our gorgeous photos of both, plus our 20 best views in Europe! Also, The Untours Foundation is funding a company that offers jobs to resettled refugees. Read more.

Untours Travel News January 2017 Untours Quarterly

We have added a family fun week in Ireland. We have a new apartment in Scotland. Our Samplers let you combine locations and offer transfers or a discount. Iceland? Cuba? We have exciting new options for both in our Ventures portfolio. Tuscany is trending, but we still have openings there and elsewhere.

Plan some family bonding in Europe December 2016 Eurozine

Share Europe with the people you love. Multigenerational travel is perfect on an Untour. Read about Cathrin's trip to Germany with her daughter, explore ideas for Alsace, and discover the many Untours where kids stay for free. Also, check out what the Untours Foundation has funded this past year.

Post-Election Reflections from Europe November 2016 Eurozine

I share my thoughts and experiences of traveling in Europe in the week after the 2016 US presidential election, with a report from Scotland and France. Also, read personal accounts of Father Tom's soulful sojourn in Paris and Harriet's memories of the Florence floods. It's about to get real. Read on.

Share Your Travel Experiences October 2016 Eurozine

Share your travel experiences! You don't need to post selfies to share your experiences. Find your own medium. Like Edmond's gorgeous photos of a wine tasting at an Untours farm in Tuscany. Or Rachel's tips and pictures from Oktoberfest in Germany. Join us on Instagram to see our photos. Or share the wealth like the Untours Foundation does.

Travel Better with People Power September 2016 Eurozine

People offer the best solutions when you travel, adding warmth, color and experience your smart phone apps cannot replicate. Meet our Untours staffers in Prague and Provence, castle hop with our friend in Scotland, and learn about a woman who is using Untours Foundation support to support a smart solution for fellow breast cancer survivors.

Check Out Our New Do and Our Old Favorites August 2016 Eurozine

Meet our new logo, and read the back story of its design and meaning. Read Father Tom's Paris Journal; he was the Untours Giveaway winner. Read about our favorite food and drink in Venice, and meet a delicious Untours Foundation investee, a project that recycles kitchen scraps into compost that supports local agriculture.

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