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Dear Friend,

Of the many text messages I exchanged with family and friends on Monday as Notre Dame Cathedral burned, one stands out:

When I studied art history, we spent a semester on gothic architecture. I never imagined I would only get to see Notre Dame on slides and not in person.

While many of us feared for a favorite place and the loss of our collective cultural heritage, others grieved a missed opportunity.

History is long, but life is short. If there is a monument or landmark you've always wanted to see, now is the time to plan that trip.

In the meantime, we salute those who gather to honor and rebuild one of humankind's most impressive and important cathedrals. There is money, expertise, and determination to rebuild, and we know it will happen.

Notre Dame

Meanwhile Parisians gathered in public consolation on sidewalks and bridges, even singing. For all its religious, cultural, and historic importance, Notre Dame is a community center. In the coming years of construction, Pilgrims and Parisians will continue to gather here in the heart of the city.

Vive la France!


Do you have photo or memory of Notre Dame? Mine is above. Please share yours!

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