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Everyone loves a good story, and this week many of us have love stories on the brain (and perhaps on the watch list). The best ones are neither simple nor linear. There’s always a wrinkle or complexity, a backstory or source of suspense.

The best stories stoke curiosity, asking us to look beyond the surface, to understand nuance or historical context. The best travels do the same thing. Perhaps it’s the difference between being a tourist and a traveler.

There’s more to the stories in this Eurozine. We hope they’ll make you think or consider a new storyline in your own travel plans.

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PS: We've added Christmas and New Years dates in Vienna and London to help you write new stories in two of your favorite cities.

On trend

4 Travel Trends to Watch in 2019
The story here is not the trends so much as the way they are evolving, which is particularly interesting to our Untourists. See how these compelling types of travel are maturing.

Travel Trends
St. Goar

Hop Off the Riverboat Here
Most people glide past this picturesque town on their river cruise up the Rhine, but there is much to see and understand in this Untours hometown, and there are reasons to stay.

To St. Goar
British Museum

The History of the World with Footnotes
London's British Museum has one of the most important collections in the world, but there is some dispute about what they should keep and what should be returned.

British Museum

Loans to Level the Playing Field
The Untours Foundation's newest investee is Rende, a CDFI that works to reverse discrimination in the lending process for its entrepreneurs. There's more to equality.

Racial Equity

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