Is This Obscene? Only Human Eyes Can Say.

Dear Friend,

It’s been one hell of a week, so I will take a good belly laugh when one comes. And it did, midweek, when Facebook rejected my Untours ad because of its adult content.

I was promoting what I have to assume will be a titillating lecture series on three of the best known and loved artists who worked in the South of France. Our Untours at Home will present talks on Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Matisse next week, and I really hope you can join us .

Although be warned, you may see images like the one above, which Facebook deemed sexually explicit. No doubt it was Matisse’s voluptuous flesh tones that triggered their algorithms and shut us down. It could be his strong lines too. We’ll trust your human eyes and judgement, under the engaging instruction of our art expert in Provence, Pamela.

Whether you like art or not, it’s all a fun reminder of our shared humanity. Stay well, friends.

Happy New Year,


PS: Check out our upcoming Virtual Weekends in Tuscany and in Barcelona and Madrid!


Artists of the Uffizi
The story of historic Florence is the story of the Renaissance, and the Uffizi museum is the repository of some of the most beautiful art created by human hands. Read up ahead of our virtual Uffizi tour , later this month.

Renaissance Art

Matisse's Honeymoon
Few painters loom as large in the story of modern art as Henri Matisse does. Our art instructor weighs in from Provence on the legacy of Matisse in Southerm France ahead of her upcoming lecture series next week .

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The Post-Impressionists in Provence
The light of Southern France helped create the radical shifts in color and form that bridged impressionism and modern art. Van Gogh and Cezanne pushed art in new directions while living in Provence. Here's a fascinating primer.

Cezanne & Van Gogh
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The Artists & Flavors of Provence Jan 12-14 on Zoom

Missing the landscapes and colors and light of Southern France? Check out our series of lectures on Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Matisse in France, followed by culture chats and Q&A.

Sample Southern France

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