Travel inspiration and a reason to skip the gym.
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Travel more in 2019. It's good for your body and brain!

Travel resolutions

Dear Friend,

We all want to do better or be better people, with lives full of meaning and substance, right?

Isn’t that what new year's resolutions are all about? Being our best selves? Improving our bodies, our relationships, our minds, and the world? Finding inner peace and wellness? Committing to positive changes and setting plans or rules to get us there?

I would argue that traveling does more to improve us than any of our diet plans or personal habits. It broadens our perspective, feeds our curiosity, makes us more interesting, stretches our mind, and challenges us to be resourceful and smart.

That’s why I am skipping the gym and investing my money and time in travel this year.

The commitment will force me to be more frugal and strict in budgeting. The trips will get me out walking and exercising. I’ll make memories with the people I love most. The break from daily routine will clear my mind better than yoga. The challenges of new languages and decoding new cultures will do more to stretch my brain than any crossword puzzle could. And the money spent on Untours helps support the work of the Untours Foundation, making the world just a little better.

Wishing you a 2019 full of self improvement and all the stimulation and joy of planning a memorable journey!



PS: What are your resolutions for 2019?


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