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Switzerland and the myth of neutrality

In the Swiss Alps

Dear Andrea,

“I am Switzerland.” How many times have you heard that or said it yourself, to claim neutrality? But Switzerland does indeed stand for something. It may not be a member of NATO and may not use the euro, but it holds its own.

Switzerland stands for natural beauty: pristine lakes, Alpine peaks, and clean mountain air. It stands for traditions that protect dairy farming and preserve the natural environment. They’ve been composting since before composting was cool. The country’s hiking and biking trails are unrivalled and widely used, the backbone of a healthy, active culture.

Switzerland stands for precision, in a perfectly made timepiece or the train you can set it by. The Swiss Travel System blankets the country, its trains, buses, and boats synced to connect and move people efficiently, without cars. The Swiss pass we include in our Untours even covers museums, so you can see other feats of Swiss art, engineering, and design.

We are not neutral about Switzerland, nor about Europe on the whole. We love our allies and know the key to global understanding is to learn and respect what other countries and cultures stand for. Travel is not neutral.

Einstein in Bern

Einstein in Bern
Albert Einstein made some of him most profound contributions to scientific thought while he lived in Bern. These museums help put his story into context.

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Berner Oberland

Loving Switzerland & the Foundation
Meet Kemp, a regular Untours Foundation donor who has adored Switzerland since his first Untour. He shares his best snaps of the Oberland and why he loves our Foundation.

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Swiss hike

Wildflower Walk Over Engelberg
Get out on the well-marked Alpine trails. This walk offers the best mountain views and a glimpse of flower fields. Join us to see what's in bloom this summer!

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Swiss family travel

Swiss Family Rail Adventures
Switzerland is a perfect destination for multi-gen travel, and its rail and boat system makes it especially appealing to youngsters. Here are four family adventures to check out.

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Swiss Untours

There's Still Room in Switzerland!

We still have room for late summer and fall! Consider booking a Swiss Untour for 2018, or plan ahead for 2019. We can take your pre-booking by phone!

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The Swiss Travel System

The Swiss Travel Pass is included in all Swiss Untours. It covers almost all of Swiss railways, plus buses, boats, and some lifts. Plus it grants you free admission to 500+ museums!

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Swiss Travel System
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