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Old World Greetings from the Other Side

Dear Friend,

It’s a little like waking Rip Van Winkle.

As Europe reopens and we all stretch and yawn and start making travel plans, we are checking in with European colleagues. As if from a fairy tale, we got this lovely reply from the Baron, Manfred, in Bavaria. He and his wife Lilo (photographed above) host Untourists in their medieval castle, which is smartly reappointed for style and comfort.

The pandemic hit the whole world, and also Germany very much. Lockdowns changed our social life. Lilo and I, living in the country, didn’t miss very much. None of our family or friends became ill.

But we missed our Untour guests. The Wednesday arrivals always have been very exciting. Meeting and talking to people from the New World always enriched our Old World life.

As the situation now becomes better in Germany, normal life slowly returns. Lilo and I are vaccinated, and we are looking forward to seeing our guests from the States in the near future.

That's a poignant reminder to me of why we travel, and good motivation to get planning.

Talk to you soon,


Where are you traveling this fall?


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