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Dear Friend,

What gives you joy?

There are the big milestones in life: a college graduation, the birth of a grandchild, a new marriage or retirement. All these can bring untold joy.

But then there are the smaller pleasures in the day to day: a perfectly brewed cup of tea, the first crocuses of spring, a flash of beauty in the face of that person you married all those years ago.

Travel can help us appreciate the little things. It's easier to marvel at the small differences when you are unencumbered by expectation and away from daily distractions. Suddenly a stray cat becomes a muse, wild flowers catch your eye, and the coffee creamer at the Lungern Bahnhof (served in a chocolate cup that melts in your coffee mug) is something to remember and talk about.

Here are a few of our favorite things from our travels. And here’s wishing you joy in life's small pleasures and delight in the planning.



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Wine, Palio, Seasonal Foods
Like Italian food? Horses? Wine? You should meet Tracy, our local Untours staff in Tuscany. Here she shares her favorite day trips, foods, and other Tuscan secrets.

Tracy's Tuscan Faves

Cats, the Furry Kind
London offers so many pleasures. On her last trip, Elizabeth, animal lover and director of the Untours Foundation, had High Tea in London with some new furry friends.

Cats of London

Monet's Gardens at Giverny
Love flowers? Gardening? Art? Feed any and all of these passions on this satisfying day trip from Paris. Read about the ponds and landscaping Monet built to paint.

Flowers at Giverny

A Spa Day in Budapest
The regal city of Budapest is built on a surprising number of hot spring. Soak among the locals, who have enjoyed this ritual since the days of the Ottomans. Here's our guide!

Spa Day, Budapest

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Sip, sample, and savor the foods of Provence. Join our small-group wine and food experience!

Wine & Food Provence
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