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The Future of Travel in Europe

Dear Friend,

Isn't it hard to not know what's coming next?

Of course it is our job here to do all we can to understand what the future of travel will hold.We’ve spent hours on phone calls with European staff as things unfold in real time. As we are mapping the details of sanitizing apartments between guests and social distancing on airport transfers, we catch little glimpses into our possible future.

It is the banal but remarkable things that give us hope. A colleague in Italy mentioned getting her hair and nails done on the first morning of re-opening, the day we called. “I’ve got the best nails in the whole village,” she crowed, laughing at herself and the absurd pleasure of it all.We look to Europe for hope. They were ahead of us with their virus peak, and as they begin to reopen, their experience provides a more hopeful prediction of our future.

We are busy here adapting our Untours to make them safe in the “new normal” of travel as it unfolds. We are also tracking trends and plans for travel in this new era. Take a look at what we've found, and then start imagining where you'll go next.

Keep dreaming,



PS: Where do you want to go next? Where do you dream of traveling?


The Future of Travel in Europe

When we get back to travel, what can we expect? From the airport to attractions to the trains and buses in Europe, things will be a little different. Read our report, compiled with the help of staff on the ground in Europe.

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