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When you see one of Cezanne's still lifes now, you may fail to appreciate how revolutionary it was when first created. Matisse and Picasso heralded him as the father of modern art for a reason; his planes of color and shifts of perspective sowed the seeds of cubism.

It's exciting to break trail! Whether it is in your art, in your work, in your travels, or in your community, we are made to challenge the status quo and drive progress. We can’t all be Cezannes, but in our individual choices, we can break with the norm and push the conversation forward.

Everyday here at Untours we talk to people who want to break with the tried and true travel norms. Whether they find their bliss in a Tuscan farmhouse, choose a mid-sized city like Cordoba to explore, visit an underrated city like Budapest, or opt to stay in a medieval castle in Bavaria, they are helping us rewrite the rules of travel!

Here is a little inspiration for the road, including 12 positively charming finalists in our Untours Photo Contest: trailblazing in the Austrian Alps and the Amalfi Coast, navigating off roads in Scotland and Ireland, chasing cheese in Holland, and engineering epic adventures on the Peloponnese. Please help us choose a winner!

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We are looking for your creative input! Share photos, art, and stories from your Untour.

Photo contest

Capturing an Experience
Introducing the 12 finalists in the 2019 Untours Photo Contest! These folks have captured the Untour with creativity and heart. Please vote and help us determine the winner!

Post Impressionism

Capturing a Movement
The Post-Impressionists are hard to pin down, but an expert in Provence helps us understand the work of Cezanne and Van Gogh in the context of time and place.


Capturing a Crowd
Every era has its rebels and visionaries, and history sorts the winners. Check out yesterday's rebels and future masters in the collections of Amsterdam's best art museums.

Untours Foundation

Capturing a Community
The arts are a powerful draw for investment and a powerful tool for building community. Read about an exciting organization that is using the arts to rebuild its community.

Art Untour

Provence Art Untour: In the Footsteps of Van Gogh & Cezanne

Calling all art lovers! We are delighted to introduce our new specialty Untour. Learn about the artistic breakthroughs of the Post-Impressionists with local experts in Provence, and visit the sites that inspired them.

Art Untour, Provence
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