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Sometimes life gives you truffles...


Dear Friend,

It’s all too tempting to divide our experiences up into wins and losses. This type of thinking can define a day, a relationship, or a life if we are not careful.

There are plenty of public examples of sore losers and gloating winners, but the best lessons in life and character can be learned in these moments. It’s something I’ve seen in my travels, when good and bad experiences stand out of normal context, in sharper relief.

I recently heard from a client of ours who had returned from our Wine and Food week in Tuscany. In passing, she mentioned how supportive Tracy, our Untours host, was in helping her track her lost luggage. She also told me that it was her daughter-in-law who found the truffle on our escorted hunt!

One minute life steals your suitcase and the next it gives a precious mushroom. Either way, you’re better off if you can roll with it.

The winners and losers of the 2018 Untours Photo Contest were equally gracious. I got more fun and playful emails from our dozen fantastic finalists than I ever could have imagined, even with the ensuing controversy that gave us all a laugh. Take a peek to see.

Here’s to wins, losses, and the grit and grace to manage both,

Photo winner

And the winner is...
Meet the winners of the 2018 Untours Photo Contest, and read about the minor controversy that added a tiny thrill to the process. The people have spoken!

Best photo

Winning towns in Tuscany
Beyond the obvious and very worthwhile stops (like Siena and Florence) lies a vast and beautiful countryside. Here are some of our favorite less known towns in Tuscany.

Tuscan towns

Winning Alpine views
There are so may scenic Alpine stretches and memorable rail journeys, it is hard to pick one. But if we had to crown a winner, it just might be this train trip through central Switzerland.

Swiss journey
Untours Foundation

Successful Investments
The Untours Foundation has had its share of wins and losses, embracing both on its path to a fair economy. Their latest investment is a win for a diverse community craving local food.

Local food win

Rest your weary bones

New options for your home away from home. We've added comfy new digs in Switzerland, Paris, Tuscany, Ireland, Scotland, and more. Check out our cozy new apartments.

See what's new
Swiss rail

Swiss Rail for the win

Our Untours in the Swiss Heartland and Oberland include a Swiss Travel Pass, good for travel on Swiss trains, buses, and boats, plus free admission to hundreds of museums.

Swiss travel pass
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