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A large library is apt to distract rather than to instruct the learner. It is much better to confine yourself to a few authors than to wander at random over many. ― James A. Michener, Iberia

Looking over my colleague’s photos of Livraria Lello, I ponder possibilities. Widely considered the most beautiful bookshop in the world, the Lello shop draws massive crowds. For those spending 24 hours in Porto, seeing it could be a nuisance.

But for those with a week in town, a leisurely visit is easily timed to sidestep the mobs.

Choosing just one or two destinations to cover and cover well on a trip is a great way to learn and experience a place. Might we suggest a week in Porto and another in Sintra, giving you a deeper view and understanding of Portugal?

Or a couple weeks in Spain to discover its warm people, multicultural history, and vibrant food and wine scene. Combine city and country, or double down for two weeks in one spot. Cordoba, Barcelona, and the Andalusian countryside await.

There are so many options for your travels! Why not go deeper on each trip?

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We have samplers in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK as well!


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