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Photographing Europe

Dear Friends,

Some people delight in over sharing. We all know those folks who take and share selfies indiscriminately, who cannot enjoy a meal or outing without blasting it to friends and acquaintances.

We know others who hate having their photo taken, who wear an uncomfortable scowl, eye roll, or outstretched palm in your photos. Are they self conscious or just annoyed at the intrusion of a camera on their experience?

Thankfully, there is a middle path.

At some point in my travels, I realized I had very few photos of myself abroad. I was happier shooting than posing. When I shared my photos, friends and family always lingered on the rare shots with me and my family in them.

These places are special to us because we were there. Landscapes look more full for our having been in them. I am happy to snap a photo for a stranger and have grown more willing to ask others to photograph us.

When I look back on those photos, they are some of my most treasured souvenirs.

This month’s Eurozine celebrates the photos Untourists have taken on their trips, and gives us a uniquely personal glimpse of some gorgeous places. It is exciting to see a place we know through the lens of someone else.

Gathering these photos has been a fun prelude to my work on the Untours Photo Contest. I have begun sifting through this year’s finalists. Stay tuned for the best submissions!

Keep on clicking,


Untours Photo Contest finalists will be unveiled on our blog soon! Stay tuned!

Swiss family travel

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