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Summer is over. Or is it?

Dear Friend,

OK, so fall officially started this week, but the days and months and seasons are melting into each other now more than ever. This year the border between summer and fall seems porous.

Fall feels less transitional to me this year as I see my son's classmates joining Zoom classrooms from their beach houses. We anticipate working remotely from vacation apartments and extended family visits that bleed into fall.

With the work-at-home and remote learning triggered by the pandemic, the normal routines and travel limitations no longer apply. Have Wi-Fi? You can work and learn from anywhere and extend the season, or join your grandkids' recess.

Whether you are traveling or not, working or retired, I hope you can extend your favorite parts of summer. Maybe that means a road trip, outdoor dining, some fall gardening, a hike, or post-season cookouts with friends. However it unfolds, here's wishing you a sunny and fun autumn.

Happy fall,



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