Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and more....
Travel luck and balance.

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue.

Love locks in Prague

Dear Friend,

Where did that old adage come from, anyway? Is it for luck? A new bride collecting a bit of this and that? Or maybe a nod to the balance that a happy marriage requires?

Travel requires balance as well. A good trip collects a little of this and that.

Something old, deeply historic or even prehistoric.
Something new, to mark the evolution of culture and place, how its people live today.
Something borrowed, with a story, a connection to a person and a memory.
Something pure blue, like a vast sky, a body of water, or a sense of wonder.

Here’s to luck and a good sense of balance in your coming travels!


Old: The Etruscans of Tuscany & Umbria
On her search for ruins and relics of the prehistoric Etruscans, an Untourists finds a sense of place and friendship with a timeless caretaker of antiquity.

Something Old

New: Porto, Home to a Portugal Untour
Porto will be our newest Untours hometown when we launch two new Portugal Untours this fall. Read about Porto's lively waterfront, fascinating museums, and hip hangouts.

Something New
Tuscan Sculpture Parks

Borrowed: Untours Foundation Invests
Untours Foundation investees like Wash Cycle Laundry use funds to grow their business and create jobs, then pass the money back for recirculation to other projects.

Something Borrowed
Lake Luzern

Blue: Lake Lucerne in Switzerland
The lakes of Switzerland are pure blue, pristinely clean, and ringed by the dramatic rise of the Alps. Join us for a boat ride on Lake Lucerne and enjoy the wonder.

Something Blue
Vienna Uncovered
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