Swiss day dreamin' on a summer's day

Dear Friend,

Oh, the clean, crisp mountain air of Switzerland. On a hot summer day, I can close my eyes and imagine the cool mountain breezes, smell the meadows, hear the gentle music of distant cowbells or the majestic swoosh of a train.

It has been far too long since I have visited Switzerland, the heart and soul of Untours. Our first Untours were there, set up in the 1970s and carrying on to this day, as we work with some of our original colleagues and their families.

Consider the Swiss Heartland, with its picturesque villages, strung together like pearls on the rail line that connects them to each other and to the entirety of Switzerland.

Or the castle-studded town of Thun, anchor of our Swiss Oberland Untour in the green a mountainous canton of Bern.

Then there’s beautiful Ticino, where we’ve set up in Locarno, on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Whenever people ask us about the Italian Lake District, we point them here, where the beauty is unrivaled, the food and people welcoming, and the scenery spectacular and varied.

And we always heartily recommend the Swiss Transit System to anyone traveling in Switzerland. It is why we include the Swiss Travel Pass in all of our Untours.

So hop on the train and join us for a little armchair travel through Switzerland.

Happy travels,

Andrea Szyper
Communications Director

Alpine highs

Alpine Highs
The Swiss Transit Pass included with the Untour offers access to peaks and discounts on dramatic gondola trips. Check these views!

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Golden line

The GoldenPass Train
Hop on the GoldenPass Train as it glides from Luzern to Interlaken, then to Zweisimmen. See the region's sweetest (Untours) villages.

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Tunnel Vison

A Groundbreaking Tunnel
The recently completed Gotthard Tunnel is an engineering marvel that has radically cut travel times. Read the backstory.

Tunnel vision
Untours Foundation

Switzerland Without Baggage
Untours Foundation Director Elizabeth Killough looks back on a memorable Swiss Untour when she traveled light.

Swiss memories

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