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Dear Friend,

After three weeks on the road (and the Rhine River), I am so glad to be back at home with my family. My son was reared on Rick Steves and is eager to get back to Europe himself, and I have vowed to take him on my next trip, as it gives us a special way to bond and learn together.

We are delighted to add Untours to the family toolbox! We have expanded our Kids Stay Free program to 13 of our Untours.

If it is cities you crave, we have options in Paris, London, Venice, Florence, or Rome.

If you like the countryside, consider a farm stay in Tuscany. Or explore the towns and countryside of Ireland or Scotland. Consider a cottage stay in Provence or Alsace. Or sleep in a medieval castle in Germany!

We have added special family weeks in Tuscany and Ireland that offer optional activities like chocolate or pasta making, horseback riding, falconry and more!

Switzerland is a perennial family favorite, with hiking, biking, boats and trains. Kids travel there with very deep discounts.

There has never been a better time to share Europe with your kids or grandkids. Apartment stays are convenient and comfortable for multi-generational travel. Local staff support on the ground in Europe makes the logistics easier and adds security and vital resources.

Share Europe with the people you love, even and especially the young ones. Ignite their curiosity about the world and share memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy holidays,
Andrea Szyper
Communications Director


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2016 Untours Foundation Investees
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