Don't go it alone.

We all belong, and we're better together

Tuscany gathering

Dear Friend,

It’s good to be together around holiday dinner tables and at seasonal gatherings. This is a time of year when I hope we all feel like we belong.

I don’t mean to gloss over our differences, the disagreements that might accompany dessert, the wince from some at the generic “Happy Holidays” and the quiet eye roll of others who accept a “Merry Christmas” when they celebrate a different holiday or feel for those who do.

Still, I'd say we are better together, and that these differences keep life interesting. They certainly shouldn’t divide us, and I am wary of any Krampus who uses them to do that.

We can maintain our identity and beliefs as we interact with others who are different. Isn’t that one of the best parts of traveling abroad?

That’s the thing about Untours. You could travel on your own, but instead you are choosing to do it together. It’s a nice mix of autonomy and community, of connection and freedom. You have the support of a local contact and interactions with hosts, neighbors, and other travelers. But you have plenty of space to do things your own way too.

Thanks for choosing us. May your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Solstice be bright.

Andrea Szyper
Communications Director


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