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Four Reasons to Be Happy

Tuscany Untour views

Dear Friend,

Hate is a strong word, but I am sincere when I say I hate February. On the East Coast it is cold, dark, and feels longer than the sum of its 28 days. There is not much good news to boost my spirits. So much talk of all that is wrong in our country and the wider world.

It is important to remember that the world is still a place of great beauty and warmth.

My son's school is celebrating Valentine's Day with a Kindness Party. It's heartening to see the many forms love can take in our world: love of family, love of country, love of justice, love of humanity. We express it every day in random acts, volunteer work, thoughful listening, friendship, civic engagement. It is courageous to choose happiness and show love.

Let's celebrate all the bright spots! Here's to a happy February and a brighter world view.

Andrea Szyper
Communications Director

Swiss apartment

1. There's a room with a view
Nothing like a beautiful view to give perspective. Here are 20 of our favorite views from Untours apartments: mountains, seaside, cliffs, and farmland. Check it out.

Check out these views
Sunflowers of Tuscany

2. Sunflowers will bloom in Tuscany
Step out of winter's chill and into the Tuscan sun. This photo collection catches the warmth and beauty of the summer fields of our Tuscany Untour. Take a look!

Absorb the sunshine
Markets of Provence

3. There's always Provence
Escape to Isle-sur-Sorgue for a stroll through its side streets, cafes and antique market. These images from our Provence Untours hometown are sure to make you smile.

Stroll in Provence
Untours Foundation

4. The Untours Foundation is helping
Small contributions can make a big change. Knotty Tie is using a foundation investment to help create jobs for resettled refugees and turning out some handsome neckwear!

Meet Knotty Tie
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