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Love locks in Prague

Dear Friend,

We all have our thing.

I love art. Love visiting museums and writing about art. I stalk artists on social media and enjoy gallery walks. I love buying and living with art and track auctions for fun, undeterred by my lack of art budget.

Others love wine and cooking, or are passionate about their single malt scotch. Some love to paint, or live for the rush of a well brewed cup of coffee. There are cat people. Bee keepers. Football fans. Vegans. Grill masters. Runners. Beer geeks. Fashionistas. Foodies.

Passions cross cultures and are a great way to connect with people when you travel! Watch a soccer match in a local bar. Attend a gallery opening. Explore a wine road. Take your morning run where the locals do. Join a cooking class.

Are you a hispanophile? An enophile? An italophile? A xenophile? A francophile?

What’s your passion?


10 Most Romantic Places in Europe
Because life is short and marriage is long, we present our list of the most romantic spots in Europe and how to share them by day and by night. Here are some grand suggestions.

Rekindle love

Single Malt Scotch on the Whisky Trail
If Scotch is your thing, there is no place like the Scottish HIghlands. Follow Duncan's guide to the Whisky Trail and discover some distilleries you may not know about.

Try a dram
Tuscan Sculpture Parks

Love & Whimsy in Tuscan Sculpture Parks
If art is your thing, Tuscany is on your list. But options go well beyond Renaissance. Check out these fascinating sculpture parks, where contemporary art and natural beauty mingle.

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Untours Foundation

Soccer Passion
Soccer fans are among the most passionate sports fans around, and they span the globe. Meet Senda, an Untours Foundation investee that brings a passion for justice to the game.

Play fair
Vienna Uncovered
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